Esthetics (Skin Care)

The Esthetician course is a 600 hour course which takes approximately 4 months to complete for full-time students.

You learn, in depth, the basics of:

  • electrical facials
  • chemical peels
  • waxing
  • make-up
  • microdermabrasion
  • hot stone massage

…and more.

This course is designed to teach the basic skills you need to receive your state license and begin your career in esthetics.

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    • Candace says:

      If you have already been to orientation you don’t have to go again. Just make an appointment to get enrolled. We actually changed orientation to July 7.

  1. Eva Huerta says:

    If I were to start it would be 2016 school year. I have not worked on a Fasfa yet, I am browsing schools right now. I would like to find what the full time and part time class schedules are got the Esthetics program. I would be commuting and needing to do this around school for my kids and a work schedule. any Info emailed to me would be great. Thank you

  2. Juanita says:

    Hello, I am interested in the Esthetics program and would appreciate more information. I am projected to finish my degree and minor at UC Merced spring 2017, which is mid May. I am especially curious about when I would be able to join the program if I would be potentially starting in May. In addition, could I have clarification about what is the entrance exam?
    best regards,

    • Candace says:

      Hi Juanita, the start date for the esthetician class for May, 2017 will probably be May 16. We start a new class every other month. The entrance exam is basic reading comprehension. It’s very easy and only a few questions long.

  3. Mayra says:

    I’m interested to know about your school?
    I have question complete 100 hours Esthetics from out of state and would like to know if It can roll over to your school?

  4. Mayra says:

    Hi my name is Mayra I like to know more of your program.
    Esthetics , I’m from out of state and I have 200 hours complete, I like to know if it’s transferable.

    Thank you

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